A brief Introduction:

Baudik Sansar (Intellectual World) Educational Academy, is a non-profit organization working in the field of language, literature, culture and education. This Academy which had been working with Baudhik Sansar (Intellectual World) Publication P. Ltd., in Nepal for over two decades, has made USA its working region. The Academy started its activity on August 2, 2011 at Los Angeles County Library, Artesia, California and now has expanded its activities to nearby cities and states. This kind of activities will be expanded to other parts of the world in future.

Purpose of Establishment:

The purpose of establishment of the Academy is to unite widespread Nepalese speaking people all over the world through language, literature, culture and education and initiate a strong campaign for their educational development.

Other Purposes:

  • To promote unity among the Nepali speaking people living both within and outside Nepal through the Nepali language, literature, culture and education and encourage them to gain various educational knowledge and information.
  • Encourage and help to organize fair and festivals that represent Nepalese culture
  • Encourage and help to run the schools teaching Nepalese National as well as local Nepali languages.
  • Promote Nepali language and education through different types of scholarship.
  • Initiate to establish Information and Research Centers in the USA and other countries
  • Start an online magazine and engage in the flow of various information relating to Nepalese language, literature, culture and education through audio-visual media.
  • To fulfill the above mentioned purposes, we will collect donations from different areas and identify additional income sources
  • Perform other activities in the field of language, literature, culture and education.

Programs and Objectives:

To carry on the above mentioned purposes, Academy has determined the following programs and objectives:

Programs Objectives
Expansion of Library: The Academy will look for running its own library in different part of the world. With the co-ordination of local libraries, Academy will provide books, audios, videos or documentaries related to Nepali language and culture. Academy has already provided library materials to Los Angeles Country, Artesia library. By continuing this, Academy will expand this program in other regions also.
Door to door Talent Scholarship Program: Provide Scholarships at locations specified by the donors to those talented low income students who are energetic and vigilant but could not continue the study because of poverty. The Academy will implement this program from year 2013.
Establishment of Information & Research Center: Academy will take necessary steps to establish Information & Research Center at possible locations to provide information about Nepal and to help in research in all areas about Nepal. - For this, Academy has started publicity in 2012. By 2017, at least an Information and Research Center will be established.
Publication of public benefit materials. Develop different kinds of books, souvenirs, booklets, CDs, documentaries etc. which are beneficial to public and distribute them free or with a price.
Publication of online, print media. Collect the news related to Nepal and update to public through online and print media. This program has been started from year 2012.
Dhaka-Topi-Chaubandi-Choli (Nepali cultural dress) program. A Dhaka-Topi-Chaubandi-Choli program will be organized from year 2013 every year. The main objective of the program is to promote Nepali cultural and costume in foreign land. In the program, all participants will be requested to wear own cultural dress.
Do other work related to Nepalese language, literature, culture and educational areas. Academy will bring the work related to Nepali language, literature, culture and educational areas to the public as needed.

Helping Hands:

In Nepal, Baudhik Sansar (Intellectual World) Pvt. Ltd., has been institutionally providing necessary financial and physical supports to the Academy. A working committee has been formed to work as a bridge between Nepal and America. It has started working since 2011.

Academy has made Southern California its main area of operation. It will coordinate its activities with all governmental, non-governmental and professional organizations.

Organizational Structure:

To run the Academy, a “Promotion Group” with executive rights has been established. This group will nominate Margadarshak (advisors) and volunteers as necessary to make the work easier. Guardians will always provide guidance to the Academy.

Guardians to monitor the Academy:

Since all activities of the Academy is to be run as a campaign, all members of the academy will also be its guardians. A Native Nepali speaking person or person who loves the Nepali language and literature, can be a lifetime guardian of the academy with a minimum entry fee of $1 (One U.S. Dollar). The duties and responsibilities of the guardians are to provide healthy advice and suggestions to the academy.